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Perfect Athleisure Outfit


Heather, unusual to combine the blazer with the gym clothes.. but looks great..

The blazer just happened to be in the back of my car, and I think a blazer can kind of always smarten up an outfit..and I quite I like minimal style anyway, and it’s quite clean. And I know athleisure is quite trendy anyway and it’s really comfortable and I have just been to the gym anyway..

Lot’s of people are realising that it’s almost a statement symbol, when you are working out a lot, and into health and fitness.. so people are buying into that now

more and more brands are offering athleisure wear..

So at the top you are smart casual..and on the bottom very sporty.

Yeah and I have a few errands to run now and pair of trainers for running around the shops..fits into modern day living I guess..

So where are your stuff from?

Adidas leggings, Nike max trainers, and blazer from H&M.

And the colours?

Blue grey tones.. I am quite tonal today.

The bag is Longchamp? 

‘yeah its blue on blue, most people go with blue and brown handles, this came out this year..and I just wanted something a bit different.. its a functional bag, can go with everything..and quite practical at the same time.

Your top?

TX max bargain.

And sunglasses?

Top-shop.. I have been told they are quite channel-esque.. I like the shape of round glasses, they add a bit of glam to an outfit.

Any advice you have?

Wear what you feel comfortable in, and be comfortable to express yourself whatever your style.. Chose something that appeal to you and your sense of style. As long as you are true to yourself, that is the main thing. Don’t conform, don’t be a sheep, express yourself.

Great advice, thanks Heather..

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