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So your gym clothes..Why did you pick this particular outfit?

I just think if I am trying to appeal to gym members to train with me, then I should look good with gym clothes that I choose.. so I should look good in the gym kit that I choose.

So I choose flattering items and fashionable items, I guess..!

So the brand of gym clothes you are wearing are gym shark?

Yes gym shark. So I work for them as an ambassador for them also. So it’s two in one. It’s trying to get people to train with me, but also it’s showcasing the outfit as well.

People can buy through my website:

So your leggings are gym shark also?

Yes everything is gym shark..

It’s quite a surfy look, with the shark design. And are they comfortable?

YES!.. very much so, I wear them all day, everyday.

Even when out shopping! haha

Yes haha

So you are a personal trainer?

Yes. I do classes and one on one training also.

Any advice for clothes for the gym?

Best thing is to match the outfit. So find the accessories that match the little bits. So I am wearing black today but I have a bit of pink underneath just to give it a bit of colour.

And your trainers are Nike?

Yes. You know that brand!! haha

Yeah I have come across them before haha

I like high tops.. finish off the outfit. Yeah I’m not a runner. they are not running shoes, but they are good for weight lifting.

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