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Shades of denim

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Eugenie has chosen different shades of Denim which I really like- the light colour of the oversized shirt contrasts the darker jeans nicely. It doesn’t look too uniformly or too 60’s either. The striped linen T-shirt (from Hass –> is really simple but really well cut and well made. You can tell a T-shirt which is made from good fabric.

She is a big jeans person- it’s what she feels most comfortable in, so that’s the basis she uses daily. Jeans is the hardest thing to shop for because you have to find just the right fit. The jeans is from Zara.

She has chosen white trainers as they go with everything- and though she likes the shoes, everyone has them. She usually goes with Dr martins boots (the classics), which you can personalise to your own style (laced up all the way or to the ankles). Her opinion on style: ☝️”clothes are such a big thing, they are the thing that can give you confidence to assert yourself more, to be more confident with who you are, (I feel really uncomfortable if I’m not wearing something that matches me) so I always make sure to wear something I feel comfortable and hence confident in. People might not notice your clothes, but they are going to notice your attitude”…

Listen to the interview below!

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