Street Style Interviews

Simple, Clean and Light

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A very elegant sense of style. Razalis is wearing a jacket from, surprise surprise, Zara. A favourite amongst the ladies in Stockholm. Simple and clean, light colour, and goes great with her tan. White top from Zara bought because it’s simple, clean, and goes well with a skirt as well as trousers. Razalis is very opinionated, with lot’s of things to say and participates a lot in the group, so chooses clothes that are quite simple to contrast that, and to seem more approachable. “Because when you are opinionated, often when you do walk in a room, people notice you quite fast. So I don’t want to scare people away before I have had a chance to talk to them”.

Like the shoes from Pollini – Or the “Charley Chaplin” shoes. ” I love to bring in more masculine aspects to my clothing, so these are more masculine. And that is also because I look very girly and not very mature. The laces are Orange, not black or white, which makes them a little bit more playful. Overall, a great look.


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