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Sleek and Stylish Gym wear


So you are all Nike from top to bottom..Why Nike?

It’s very cool. Very comfortable.. very casual.. and very sleek and stylish.. all the new stuff nike comes out with I kind of always buy I often go on ebay and get my shoes second hand nike as I have a huge collection of shoes.

(I use asics for running as they are better for that).

Your bag?

It’s a standard one.. It was just the biggest one I had haha And the blue is keeping in theme with the leggings.

And the socks? you don’t wear low socks for the gym..

They are comfortable, as I get blisters quite easily. These are hypoallergenic socks .. so no sweat..

What are you doing in the gym?

I do everything, weight sessions, cardio in the evening. personal training.

Are you an olympic athelete?

No, I just have very few little hobbies..and lot’s of free time.. no professional aspect to it, just my own perfectionist side I guess. I love it, it’s great.

You’re going for the summer six pack abs..

Yeah haha

Any advice?

At the moment I’m wearing a sports bra with no top over it, just because I’m cooling down. But I would say, no leotards. No tops and leggings withoout a top over it, no sports bra.  Just because you get a lot of attention that you don’t actually want.. I just like breathable materials, short sleeves, comfy leggings.

Anything you are comfortable with really.

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