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The Sporty Look




“I really enjoyed this quick interview with Ellen, if you are looking for gym wear inspiration and combining sports wear with more fashionable items, you will like this interview.”

Hi Ellen

You have the sporty look which becoming more and more mainstream – you intended it to be that way?

Yes definitely – I think its more acceptable to be a bit more relaxed but you can add a bit of style to it. So put your sunglasses on with a nice bright top or coat on, and with your sports stuff underneath – and feel comfortable feel confident – it’s not like this girl is walking around in her gym kit – I am doing it for me not because I want to get attention, like I’ve been to the gym or something like that. Yeah..

OK so talk us through the different items you are wearing.. starting with the shoes..

I have my fabulous white Addida’s trainers on, they are just really comfortable – I am not going to say they are a fashion statement, but they are really comfortable.

Good for running!

Good for running because they have a really bendy flexible sole, which is good for girls doing exercise classes – you can see it’s not just one sole made of one piece , it’s different pieces..

And then I have my grey sports legngings..

Where are the legans from?

I thin they are from Primark or somewhere. You can get them anywhere

Grey is a nice colour..

Grey is good for exercise I think..

And then leopard print sports racerback top with a jazzy striped exercise top

And then my Juicy Couture and then a Michael Kors sunglasses because every girl should have a good pair of sunglasses.

oh and a Mulberry handbag if you’re wondering..

Very nice.. so you really have the sporty look with the designer option..

Any fashion advice for our fellow listeners? 

Wear what will make you feel good, what you will feel comfortable in. Some people don’t like wearing things if they think they will get a lot of attention like people looking at them. But you know what? be who you are, wear what you want to wear, life is too short.

Great advice ..


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